Sunday 19 March 2006

Destroy system files? Don't mind if I do!

So last week I was in Ottawa. The day I left for Ottawa, there was a power failure at home. I was 3 megametres from being able to troubleshoot and wouldn't be back for the rest of the week. Just typical.

So after getting home and restoring power, we were still without service. I ran fsck on the drives and mostly they were okay... Except the root partition. After a more agressive fsck, the partition mounted but lots of system stuff was missing. It was just borked.

So I pulled everything off the server (all day yesterday) and rebuilt the system (all day today). There's a couple tricks since my IP address changed during the downtime so it will be a bit before things are all back to normal but we're doing good otherwise.

The one good thing is that I got to switch the drives to an LVM scheme. I went with partitioning the primary drive into boot, root, swap, and var partitions (regular-style). The two 80GB drives got added to a volume group and I just divied up the space between user space, share (media), project (including uro forums), temp, and unallocated space. It's pretty spiffy! I can grow any of the LVM partitions live!

Okay, enough chit-chat. Clearly apache, php, and mysql are working ;)

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