Wednesday 25 February 2004

Brains! He's Got the Brains!

Today is an important day: I learned BIND and DNS. That's right. Today's the day I finished the O'Reilly book about BIND and DNS. Read it cover to cover with skimming only over certain sections. Fairly dry stuff but good reading while in transit to and from work. There certainly were lots of interesting parts (like about dynamic updates and tsig) and some amusing comments including many pot-shots at wins and netbeui.

All in all, we're fucking lucky the Internet works. Holy crap is there ever a a lot of room for error that is really pushed to the limit. I think DNS has got to be the most mangled (popular) open protocol out there. DHCP at least is structured. BIND being maintained as three seperate programs is just brutal as to what will and will not work. There's compatibility notes like "use bind 8.2+ or 9.1+ but bind 9 is also broken". Wow. Thank you, guys.

Its been fun and has helped me tighten up a few things with the nibble's dns. There are a few other things that may be added, like actual dynamic updates for machines like ex's which toggles ip addresses on reboot (yay!).

Saturday 21 February 2004

100 Days, Yeah! Woo!

[archangel@nikita archangel]$ uptime
12:17:01 up 100 days, 23:35, 1 user, load average: 0.10, 0.06, 0.02

Wooo! Yeah! Woohoo! Yipee!

Very good for a computer who's PSU fan has failed (ouch). Not sure when it failed, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't recently. I just happened to be in the machine room the other day and noticed it. That's a bummer. She doesn't run all that hot and the CPU fan is fine for that, but that's kinda scary. She's got an old PSU too so I can't just jam a new one in there.

Anyhow, she does have an uptime of 100 days ;)

Wednesday 18 February 2004

J00 Gotz Network

*phew* That firewall was fun. Its all done and the demo is next week, but its done. So I'm back "down" to a single network. Heck, looks like I might get a chance this week to do some of the fixing up that's been on my TODO for months.

So most importantly there's getting the new php5 beta compiled and working. I am still not sure why it has been failing for phpBB, maybe its time to upgrade the forums anyhow... Nevertheless, important to get at least the new beta compiled.

Also, as always, there is pending DNS stuff to be slicked up... DNS is always, ah, interesting.

Lets see, oh yes and the ongoing lan thing that 'would be nice'. Shuffling my Samba config, maybe getting a streaming music server going again, stuff like that.

Oh, burning Dulcea's backup. Lemme do that right now. Okay, burning, good.

Lets see, what else. Well, I dunno. Its all in the todo list. See all y'all later.

Wednesday 11 February 2004

You've Been Forwarded

I now have *two* networks at home. Its so cool. I can traceroute from one network to the other, and its all so very exciting. I'm just waiting for someone's dns record to expire *cough* chevette *cough* you wench *cough* *cough* and then its all cool. Check this out:

[archangel@dulcea archangel]$ /usr/sbin/traceroute c
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 michael ( 0.433 ms 0.319 ms 0.200 ms
2 chevette ( 0.777 ms 0.557 ms 0.431 ms
[archangel@dulcea archangel]$

Oooo Aaaaa! That's just the bitchin'est thing since, erm, something less bitchin'.

So as you can *clearly* see from the traceroute, Michael is the router with one interface on and another on With all my network stuff loaded (iptables and routed) and ip forwarding enable, he now passes packets merrily between the two networks.

Sadly, there's only one host on each network. Still, that's just super sweet. Once ex and I finish our assignment for network admin & security this week, then Michael will be all like "where you goin'? nowhere!" And dulcea's going to be like "when were you going to drop my packets?!" and michael will be all like "Now!" and the Governator of the Great State of California will come in through the window and he'll say "those packets are going *flex* over there *flex* *flex*"



Oh, yeah. That was really nice...

Saturday 7 February 2004

Its Too Early for Madness, I'm going to have a burrito.

Ergh, blergh, ugh, blech. Too much crazy and much to do. Stupid school, you are craptacular. So apparently Apache is misbehaving ... this is odd. Works fine here. Must remember to test from somewhere else. Um, right.

Have been fucking around on the LAN for network admin #2: firewalls, yo. Haven't finished the assignment yet, but it looks like I'll end up with a pretty good personal firewall for my Linux workstations out of the deal. That'll cool.

Anyhow, my burrito is done. I'm going now. Bye.

Monday 2 February 2004

PHP 5 is Up

Woo! I'm on the bleeding edge of technology! Woo wee! After much screwing around, I have PHP 5 running. Sadly, my Apache config is all fucked up so it doesn't seem to be asking for passwords where it should. Likely apache is going to be more off then on until I can get that resolved.

I'm hungry. I'm going to eat now. Bye.

Aha. Got it. So the home directories can now use .htaccess files. All is well and right in the world.

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