Tuesday 31 March 2020

Outlook Archive Button

What do you do if your Outlook Archive button is stuck sending messages to your old custom folder and your mobile is sending messages to the "Archive" folder and there's no option anymore in your Outlook to change this?

You change your Language.

I did this in Outlook Web Access and the one thing it will have to do is rename your "Archive" folder (archive-old or whatever) before changing the language settings.


That's a pretty well buried solution, even by Microsoft standards, and frankly I doubt anyone will ever see this post because if you search Online for "Outlook Archive change folder" or whatever, you'll get plenty of hits for the old Outlook so not really an easy way to look up this solution. But maybe, just maybe, this post will find a way to someone

Outlook has this "Archive" button - it's in Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook mobile app, and it only does one thing - it puts the selected email message(s) into a folder called "Archive". It's a very quick way to file email because you also have short-cuts for it - the Backspace key in Outlook or a swipe gesture on mobile.

But what it used to do was used in an earlier version was ever so slightly different in that you could pick a folder for it - a folder with any name. After my Outlook was upgraded, it was still working and sending email to my custom named "All Mail" folder but my mobile started sending messages to the "Archive" folder, and Microsoft removed the option to pick what folder you used from Outlook. I haven't been able to figure this out for a long time which is why I'm posting this at all...


So yeah, that's the fix. Change your Outlook from English to French which renames all the stock system folders, Inbox, Sent, etc... and the Archive folder. Then move all your messages from "archive-old" or whatever you used and move them into Archive.


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