Saturday 14 May 2016

Ubuntu automysqlbackup

There is a script called "automysqlbackup" which is a pretty straightforward shell script wrapping up routine MySQL backups. The Ubuntu package is mostly preconfigured so you would not necessarily even have to modify the stock configuration.
  • Gets the maintenance user from "/etc/mysql/debian.cnf" for credentials
  • Dynamically determines what databases are on the system
  • Has a default schedule and backup path (/var/lib/automysqlbackup)
You should consider changing a couple of the defaults found in "/etc/default/automysqlbackup".
  • BACKUPDIR to preferred backup path
  • MAILADDR to an appropriate recipient in case there are errors
It does not remove old backup files so you may want to make a basic script which does remove them. There's a "PREBACKUP" variable so you can hook in such a script. I like this because it runs before your backup so you don't accidentally nuke your fresh backups and keeps things simple:
  • PREBACKUP="find $BACKUPDIR -mtime +90 -delete"
Finally, remember to copy your backups offsite if appropriate. "rsync" to some remote system or otherwise. Use the "POSTBACKUP" script - again a good hook here because it will push out your backups right away after they have been created.

Ubuntu Man page:

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