Friday 27 May 2005


Well, this weekend is the last weekend before we shuffle all our crap over to the other apartment. Moving in the same building does make things easier, it's true. Hopefully moving all the computers and the Internet connection goes well.

I'm finally going to start throwing out old hardware. I have a P90 that doesn't boot, a couple of bad mainboards, a floppy drive that never seemed to do much... All garbage, woo!

Laundry and nap for now though.

Thursday 12 May 2005

64b is Sweet

Been re-ripping my entire CD collection now that I have my baby Friday all dressed up. She runs at about 10 minutes to rip and encode a disc no matter what else I'm doing. Actually, I haven't tried playing UT while ripping, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

So far only a couple squirrely things with 64b. I'm running Ubuntu for AMD64 and any of the open-source stuff is super awesome. Installing the browser plugin for Java was a pain in the ass though. Mixing 64b and 32b applications isn't cool. E.g. 32b java plugin in 64b Firefox was a no-go. After some poking around, it turns out Sun doesn't provide a 64b browser plugin so I had no choice but to go with Blackdown. Sun Java's platform independant bullshit only matters if they have a build for your platform.

Otherwise, 64b rulez, yo! UT is smokin (though that may be more due to the BFG 6600 GT OC PCI-E card I have then the change from 32b to 64b), everything is powerfully sweet.

Friday 6 May 2005

Jumped the Gun

Okay, so I got a little over-optimistic on that last post there. Fortunately, fate was standing by to put me in my place...

Friday was totaly fucked come morning. Press power and all I could get was two short beeps and five long beeps. WTF?>!?!?!

So I haul it back to the shop that afternoon and tell my man there "WTF LOL!" and he's all like "OMG BBQ!" and so we plug it in there and guess what? She works! Fucking great.

So I slink back home humbled by life at large. I go through the routine of trying Friday in different places around the flat since obviously it's not just a hardware issue, it's something agravated by environment. But sure enough, nothing works. I pull the plug on CSN's computer and hook Friday up there and sure enough, no dice.

So I ended up taking her up to Hakkakenland to see if the 4-yr old could fix the computer. Nope, no luck there either. Ah-ha! It's not just my place! The hardware is fucked!

So I replaced all the core components and now she's up and faster then ever. Then again, this is her first night up so she may be down again tomorrow. But check this out... I put a 1GB OCZ dual-channel RAM kit on a DFI nF4 Ultra-D mobo with an AMD64 Winchester core and a spanky new BFG 6600 GT PCI-Express video card. Woo! Set me back a couple bones for sure but this hardware is totaly bitchin! I'm so down, you know what I'm sayin? Dag!

Hopefully she'll boot again tomorrow. That would be swell. Did I mention I hate life?

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