Thursday 28 April 2005

Friday's Back!

Woo! It's sort of been a while but I finally had to suck it up and realize I don't have the resources/ability to diagnose my own computer hardware. So I bundled up all of Friday's guts and took her over to Frontier. I made them promise to be nice and they were awesome.

Turns out it was only the PS/2 controller that was hooped. Basically, everything I did with a keyboard was fucked. Otherwise, she's fine! Well, this is a little bit odd because I don't have a USB keyboard. I need a usb keyboard to play around before the OS loads (e.g. if I want to load windows instead of linux, for example). Not a big deal really.

They did, however, tie up all of Friday's cords and also installed a rehostat (sp?) for the power supply fan. Hella sweet.

So now I'm just putting her through a "nice emerge sync ; nice emerge -u world" to see how she behaves. So far, so good :D

Wednesday 20 April 2005

Now it's April

How time flies when you're busy as a mad mother and don't give a crap about much other the a couple of shits and giggles here and there.


I've started using this Cacti tool for showing pretty colours. It's cool. It shows different colours depending on stuff like network traffic, CPU load, etc. I like colours. So far only Dante has a login to check it out but I'd probably hand out an account to anyone interested in looking at it here. Pretty colours...

Okay, back to school for me. Later, chums.

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