Sunday 31 August 2003

Here I Come, Back From the Dead, to Say

Holy Crap!

Last nights party went good too. Erm, rather Friday night's party, you know, the one a couple days ago.

I am awake and feeling well once more. Well rested, fed, and all that good rot. The house is clean (finally) and all that's left to do is return some pans and stuff to their respective owners.

Friday night was loads of fun. Czak has all the crazy pictures from it up online and there's some excellent ones.

Lemme see if I can recall some details here... Ah yes! How could I forget? After a little gun-play on the first night, we made Friday night a 'gun themed' party. A bunch of peeps brought *more* plastic guns to add to the ones the dawg and I have for lots of 'click click click' fun. I ended up with some of the left-overs here and man, there are a lot of guns lying around. Its great.

Well that being announced, nothing *actually* plan like in my .plan right now considering I been drunk off my rocker for several days.

Most I've been doing is turning my lan into a audio feed for the stereo system. The simplest and probably most effective setup has been to just shell to chevette (so long as she has an xsession running to own /dev/dsp) and then do xmms here on dulcea through xforwarding.

Yep, and that's that. Future plans? Persist the SLA characters (I *love* data validation...) and start working on a multi-detection script for uro.

Friday 29 August 2003

*rubs eyes* Where am I?

Where am I? Between party night 'a' and party night 'b'. That's where I am. Last night we had a gaggle show up for fun and excitement and it was good. I *was* thinking that some people would show Thursday and some *other* people would show Friday, but they sure fooled me. Almost everyone who was here last night is coming again tonight.

Why would these people do that to themselves you ask? Well its cause the Ice Palace is so damn cool.

Monday I went to see my family for my dad's birthday. Twas good an my mum had just gotten back from her cruise. She did a seven day Alaskan cruise and every day they gave all the guests a sortof on page newsletter thing. In the middle of the week, they showed them the consumables stock. Which included a total of 200,000 lbs of food. That's not counting cream, sugar, ice cream... Its just meat, veggies, and fruit. 7 days, 2,000 guests, 200,000 lbs of food. Yes, every had 100 lbs of food in a week on that boat. Don't worry, 38,000 lbs was beef alone. Works out to the better part of a kilo of beef per person per day. 2,000 people, 7 days, 38,000 lbs of beef. My mother ate neither 100 lbs of food nor a kilo of beef a day. Some people were fucking hitting that buffet like it was going out of style.

So I says to my sis on Monday 'golly, sis. should I get a playstation 2 or another computer?'. She says 'playstation 2s *are* cool...'. So Tuesday I went out and bought a new PS 2 :D Its sleek, its sexy, and it was cheep. The place I went to is this tiny little game shop on Granville where the owner dude is pissed off about consoles cause he got screwed in the price war. The conversasion goes a little something like this:
'So I want to get one of the PS 2's off you.'
'Sure, how many you want?'
'Heh. Just one, sorry.'
'Okay which do you want, you want to go online with this thing?'
'I sure do.'
'Okay cause this one has the network adapter packaged with it'
'Cool. How much?'
'That depends. How are you paying?'
'I was thinking debit...'
'Could you do cash?'
'I sure can.'

So then I wander around the store grabbing a second controller, two memory cards and two PS 2 games. So good, so good.

Then came wednesday. Wendawg and I went shopping... Oh so much booze. Its a beautiful sight. for the duration of the parties the booze has been moved to the shelf in the office at the foot of my bed. Never have I awoken to a more dazzling sight. Truly wonderful.

And then, the party. Twas good, twill be good. Good peeps, good eats, good drinks. Two and a bit pitchers of Long Island Iced Teas later, all is well.

Nevertheless, time to clean. See all you punks tonight at the Ice Palace.

Thursday 21 August 2003

Die, Die, Die, My Darling

This is it. Nikita is down, stripped of her nice HD and nice CD drive and down to the basics. Disconnected from the world and about to move.

Tomorrow she'll be going out to the office with me. There she's going in a nice isolated lan. Sort of a gated community for computers.

Or maybe more of a lab of computer experimentation where computers are relentlessly formatted, forced to network with other operating systems, and put through stress tests unimaginable on live computers.

Basically I'm going to install BSD on her until I get it right and test network setup stuff by bouncing stuff off a windows 98 and a windows nt box. The whole plan being to learn the wonderful world of BSD so I can setup Nikita as a gateway again and bring her back home. Once she's back home, then I'll be able to take Dulcea out to the office to host on our small little OC3 connection! Booyah!

Monday 18 August 2003

Mozilla... On Fire!

Warning! The following post may not be appropriate for some readers as it contains coarse and violent language!

So Mozilla. Anyone who tells you that you can 'just copy your settings over' when going from one system to another somewhat different system obviously either has a fucking hole where their head should be or is bullshiting and making assumptions where they don't know shit.

Okay, not quite true. The three fucking bookmarks I have were fine. As for my fucking mail, hah! Yeah right. Sure so all the settings for the local folders were not updated to the somewhat different home directory (from /home/archangel to /home/user/archangel). Okay, fine, I can hack that shit.

What really busts my fucking balls is that I can't fucking create new mail accounts. Sweet Jesus, Mozilla! I outta gouge your eyes out for what little use they are. Dumb shit, just create a new fucking folder! Why you gotta play me like that? I own the folders and parent folders and everything you ought to need. Where are you trying to stick the mail and settings that you can't handle it? Try pulling 'em out of your ass for starters.

And quit pissing me off with your stupid shit!

And for exhibit B, YOU'RE A CRAPPY BROWSER! Just cause every other web browser is shit doesn't make you any better. Why do you handle css, tables, and javascript somewhat differently. Okay, okay, okay. Not fair because I think Mozilla is actually one of the best options are concerned but for the love of fuck! Where you get your name resolution from? Having updated the A record for, you still didn't get it. Fine, thinks I. Maybe its my cacheing nameserver.

host yields (the new ip) SO WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THE FROM? Again, must be a *huge* ass you have because you seem to have plenty of space in there for your thumb and everything else.

Grrr... Browsers piss me off. Cacheing. I know its great, but why can't you just flush when I tell you to?

Yeorg! That's a shitty jeeeeoooorb you did there, Mozilla.

*pant* *pant* *pant* *boots the dead horse* *pant* *pant*

*phew* I need a drink.

Sunday 17 August 2003

Digital Move About Complete

So the move from Nikita to Dulcea is about complete. There's a couple things left over yet but most everything is up and working atm. Got the web and db servers up. Samba and the shared files. The users and permissions. So far looks promising.

Among the last few things to do are (in order from simple to painful):
  1. Move the URO forums
  2. Fix which is the only disfunctional virutal host
  3. Install and configure an ftp server
Apparently Wu-ftpd just plain isn't available under RH9 anymore. I've tried compiling it from source but it is behaving differently. I think I had needed to do something during the compilation so I can use it under xinetd. Bah! Maybe it is just something I needed in the ./configure script. I'll have to see.

Once these last minor things are moved, then I'll be able to take down Nikita. Ooo ahhh. She's going to move out to my office where I'll be trying to put BSD on (probably NetBSD for those who care). One of my co-workers is studying for Network+ so we're going to have a wee isolated lan where we can all test our shit and learn a few things. Should be good.

Thursday 14 August 2003

Yar! Thar be Data!

Ooo ah! This is my first post on Nikita. Very exciting considering everything that it is doing.

First of all, this is my first .plan entry, so that's cool.

Second, I did it through the web interface. That shows that Apache is up and running and PHP is working swell here too.

Third, since its archived in the db, mysql is up and running.

Bitchin. Now for all the other databases and users...

Friday 8 August 2003

Give us Yer Bytes

ncftp is tight! I've been meandering around a certain chap's ftp server alternately messing my shit up and causing him to restrict access further, but what I've learned is that ncftp is sweet.

A set of commands in the ftp client allow you to queue several requests to be run as a batch at a later time. The background commands, bgget and bgput, create a wee file describing the transaction (server, local path, remote path, and simple config info) in a spool directory. In this manner, you can spool up as many files you want to be started at either a certain time or else upon explicit command.

To start 'em if you don't specify a time, you either run bgstart within a ftp session or else simply use the ncftpbatch program. Do so within the client or with the -d switch to the batch program spawns a daemon which will download all queued files one at a time from the default or speficied spool. In this manner, you can just log out and leave the transfers running.

There's also a pile more nice utilities that ncftp has for all this fun batch/spool stuff. Some of which are *very* nice for mirroring. Now I wonder about the ncftpd server...

Saturday 2 August 2003

MOoC and Fun

Not much news the last little while. The stereo is still tight, by the way. I'm still thinking about a new computer, but not getting one yet (and I'll put it off now that RAM prices seem to have picked up a bit).

However, I have been looking at iptables quite a bit the last little while. I did a bit of cleanup of my current firewall script on Nikita and am finally getting a good enough grasp on tables, chains, rules, and targets to feel I can build a solid and heavily accounted firewall. I've started it a bit, but I'm basically going to toss the script, patch in stuff from other files and go from there.

Other interesting bits... hmmm... There's talk of setting up some computers at the office off the main network so peeps like Wobbly-Headed Bob and I can test some network stuff. *shrug* I don't really have a loose working comp right now to donate to that but once I get the new one then I'll pitch in on that.

Classes, ah yes. I'm going to start part-time in the fall to work towards my B-Tech from BCIT. Shoot me now... Wait! I love school!

Well, I'm off to compile a tighter kernel, so wish me luck.

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