Tuesday 30 December 2003

No News is ... Lame

Okay me lame again. No posts since the 17th is bullshit. Fucking kangaroos.

Well things have been hectic. Since I got rotated into the graveyard shifts starting the 15th and there was the Christmas holidays and still the New Years holiday, my schedule has been really fucked up. I've been doing lots of short sleep cycles adding up to sometimes enough hours a day but there haven't been too many nights where I've just slept a full eight hours. Largely 3-5 hours a couple times a day. Or not.

As for more interesting news, for work I've started working with Postgresql. It cetainly is a feature-rich DBMS. It has a "CIDR" type for storing network addresses. (I'm impressed.) Its definately different from MySQL but already I'm seeing plenty of trade-offs just in the features (I haven't gotten to observing performance difference).

Its fun stuff anyhow. Must be time for me to go back to work. Heck, I may even post again *within* two weeks.

Tuesday 16 December 2003

We're Under Attack!

Ah. Windows set a new record today:
Users not found in UNIX Database:
administrator : 126 Time(s)

That's right. My windows client (Michael) attacked the samba server a grand total of 126 times. Sure I used some of the network resources, but I guaranteed I didn't get prompted 126 times for a username and password.

"Thanks for breaking my cow lamp, guys."

In other news, I am full of hate. Michael's onboard nic didn't work from the Fedora install. Not too too surprising. So I put a NIC in. That failed. Some strange bus errors or tx errors. Strange. Both these devices work fine in windows.

So I tried to compile NIC drivers for the onboard NIC. That didn't go so well. I managed to compile network drivers until ifconfig seggied. I assume it was just the failed module I had compiled, but I was impressed.

Fuck, I'm tired. At the end of my first grave shift. I want to curl up and go sleepy-sleep now. Waa! Waa! Doesn't help that there was this total psycho calling in. Definately a head-case.

Thursday 11 December 2003

Its Getting Old

So today's a big day. I mark the end of a year of getting older. Completed. Done. Finished. For the next year, I plan to get older just about every second. In total, that should be about 31,536,000 seconds older. I think I can acheive this modest goal with a little help from my friends Al and Cohol.

And for those who are big fans of Governor Schwarzenegger you can ask "When are you going to get older?" to which I will naturally respond by shouting "NOW!" and throwing an axe at you.

Two more days till the lan party. I'm excited. Are you excited?

Friday 5 December 2003

New Gear, Yo

Its been a while since my last .plan update but things have been fairly quiet. I've finished my class for the semester, been horribly sick, and most importantly I got some new computer hardware.

I finally went ahead and bought the missing bits to build Michael. I got an Antec case, an ASUS A7V600 mobo, lots of RAM, an Athlon XP 2500+, and ended up getting a GeForce 4 5200.

I was a bit worried about hooking everything up myself but it went just fine. Took me some hours to get everything plugged in to the right places and such but it came right on just fine the first time I booted it.

Michale is super fast and super sexy. The one thing that's missing is the floppy drive. I thought I had plenty of extras at home but it turns out the only one I still have here is un-recovereable. Of all the things to not have lying around, who'da thunk I would have problems with the floppy drive? Not me apparently.

So that's that and I'll try to remember to post again sooner this time.

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