Wednesday 29 December 2004

She's dead, Jim

I lose, you win. F*&$%ing mobo! That thing is dead. Time to move on. I'm going to boost my system a bit and shave my pocket a little to go to an AMD 64b CPU. I was looking at maybe doing an Intel P4 w/ Hyper Threading but that would be a couple hundred bucks more. If I'm going to put up a real budget for real hardware, I should skip up to dualies. If I pony-up for dualies, I should really go ahead and step up my secondary storage (to a nice little SATA RAID). Once my hard drives are up, I should really just make the extra investment and getting higher quality RAM. Not to mention finally adding proper speakers and a second LCD...

So a few hundred bones to go up to a 64b AMD and a new mobo. This one I'm looking at has dual-channel RAM and that will be good. New CPU, mainboard, and CPU fan. That's it. But it will be nice, oh yes, it will be very nice.

Saturday 18 December 2004

New DVD Writer and Bad Mainboard

Well, I tried ordering a DVD writer online. Tried using the online bill payment thing from my bank only payment takes freaking forever. It's been four full business days and still it's not up. Sucks.

And as if new hardware problems aren't bad enough, my mainboard has been flaking out since Friday. I would press "on" and POST would give me four beeps. This is not good. After some coaxing, it booted. I ran memtest for a while just to be sure it wasn't just a memory problem but nope, looks like a mainboard issue. I think it's that stupid vantec fan that's just been sitting there vibrating the mainboard day and night since I installed it. Bad stuff. Hopefully my box will run until the new year because replacing stuff right now will really suck. A lot.


Sunday 5 December 2004

School Work Work School

Eh haven't been up to anything interesting in the last while. Stupid school and stupid work. Sucks. Next week is my birthday, I finaly turn 13. I can't wait to be a teenager. Like, OMG!

So a couple movies I watched:

Ripley's Game

Tom Ripley played by John Malkovich is a cold killer. After been insulted by another character, he sets up that character to become a murderer. One guy is sad about killing, the other is not. The two characters were fairly good but too static to carry the whole movie. I'd rate this one as rent it if you have some specific reason for watching it, but not really worth the bother.

Dawn of the Dead

Zombies, explosions, boobs. What more can you ask for? Definately rent it if you are into splosions 'n' stuff.

Can I go back to bed now?

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