Wednesday 30 September 2009

Processing Deferred Messages in Postfix

For anyone who's had to cleanup some mail problems with Postfix configuration (or more often with other things, like anti-spam, tied in but not part of postfix), it may be common enough that a large spool of mail gets queued up and needs to be pushed out. The easy way to do this is to do either "postfix flush" or "postqueue -f" which basically force Postfix to re-process pending messages (actually "deferred" usually) and send them out.

However, if either the queue is huge, or you don't really know if you have your problems resolved and want to try a few messages before unleashing the masses, I found it was not clear how this can be done. There is a straight-forward way to do this which is to put everything on hold using "postsuper -h ALL deferred", and then un-hold whichever messages you do want processed with "postsuper -H ".

Tres handy

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