Tuesday 31 October 2006

Rocking Out

Woohoo! I finally got my computer hooked up to the stereo. Since my computer is nearish to the stereo, all I need was a little Y connector and *bam*, we're cooking! The sound is so much better, it's awesome. And these speakers aren't even anything to write home about, they're just better the computer speakers. The trick being something different about the magnetism, I don't know. The stereo speakers just aren't supposed to be right next to the computer cause they'll mess everything up, but we should be cool as is.

Rambling, enough. Computer to stereo is awesome! Woo!

Good night!

Thursday 26 October 2006

What Doesn't Konqueror Do?

Thanks to a random post on the blogosphere, (here), I've found yet another killer feature in Konqueror. Behold, split-view:

That right, you can split a Konqueror tab, open different pages in each split, split them all horizontally or vertically and good fun is had by all.

In taking the above screenshot, I discovered another handy little utility. The Ksnapshot will pop-up when you hit Print Screen and then you have various handy options, like taking many screenshots, or, more importantly, taking a screenshot of a selected window like when I did one of Konqueror above or when I did one of Ksnapshot itself:

Now aren't those two handy features? Why learn one thing every day when you can use KDE and learn two!

Tuesday 17 October 2006

XMPP with iChat Server

One of the nice things that OS X Server can run is an iChat server. The server is jabberd 1.4 which is a nice XMPP server. I finally took a couple minutes at work to enable the service and it was fairly easy.

  1. Add appropriate SRV records to DNS,

  2. Punch a hole in the firewall,

  3. Add the domain to the service configuration,

  4. Uncomment the S2S lines in /etc/jabber/jabber.xml,

  5. Start the service.

That was it! Since all the users are already in the directory and the iChat server is tied into the directory, everyone has immediate access.

The thing with the s2s stuff was kind of ridiculous. Without going into the jabber.xml file, the iChat server just runs the client port allowing only directly connected clients to chat. The server admin UI did not include an option to enable the server side connections such that inter-domain chats can take place. But it was fairly simple to enable so not a big deal really.

In summary: XMPP is good for you!

Friday 6 October 2006

Mail Stats

To date, I have been using the reports from logwatch as a rough gauge as to how much spam is being blocked but it wasn't very accurate since each email message was being processed by Postfix many times as it handed the message to various other daemons for processing. A quick check of the logs reveals that since basically all filtering of email is done by Amavisd, that's the process who's messages are of value. The one trick still is that I have to look for SMTP rejections since those are useful stats but are for messages only handled by Postfix and not passed to Amavisd.

I whipped up a little web page here to do basic number stats. I'd like to have charts up but i don't know how to pump this into MTRG so I'll have to do that. At any rate, this little page will give us an idea of how much spam is getting tossed out and how much legit mail is getting through.


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