Wednesday 26 January 2005

Dead Again

Well, I've been without Friday the last week or two. Stupid suck. When she boots she complains that she can't find the keyboard. This is just fucking lame. I'm going to end up sending both mainboards back to ASUS in the hopes then when then come back, one or both of them will be working. This is just total bullshit.

That and the stupid unionists were on strike Monday which puts me out a class. It's a part-time course so that's never going to be made up. Since the content is largely online, we don't really miss too much thankfully. Stupid administration. Stupid union. I hate them so many!

Saturday 8 January 2005

Friday's Back and Better Then Ever

Finally got that CPU fan sorted out today. Got everything mounted and slapped back in the case. Fired 'er up and Friday's smokin' hot now. All the good things from before plus the RAM is now dual channel and she has a nice DVD writer.

I've really missed having a wicked box at home. Everything runs fast, runs smooth, and it's tight as a rock. And now the case does rattle from the CPU fan. So good, ah!

Thursday 6 January 2005

It's Not a 939!

I lied. I got a Asus k7v880pro. I didn't step up the CPU. Sadly, I got the wrong stupid CPU fan so the one I got doesn't have the correct mounting bracket for the socket 462. I will work on a 754, 939 or 474 (or whatever the one for the P4 systems is called). See, I ordered the Zalman CNPS 7000 AlCu but I should have ordered the Zalman CNPS 7000B AlCu. See? Not really? Yeah, well, that was the problem. I paid close attention right up until I placed my order and ended up with the wrong heatsink/fan. Netlink did exchange it for me, but I have to wait a couple days for the 7000B to come in from the warehouse. Until then, still no computer. Bastards!

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