Friday 24 October 2003

I Made a LAN

This is it. I now have a LAN. The last thing I just finished setting up this week was NIS. My trusted network is now fully featured with centralized logins, filesharing via both NFS and Samba, email in and out, NATing, and all glued together with a 100Mbps FD switch.

It is The Nice.

In more news, Nikita has got everything she needs software-wise. Just needs stuff setup. But anyhow, she has weeb, mail, dns, and mysql all installed now. After installing all that, we even did an image of the system. Backups are cool. Especially if you use udpcast. Admitedly not the best way to image in this case for a variety of reason, but multi-casting over the lan is just ... just so much cooler.

Anyhow, that's the news. Dante and I are working on building a lightweight online changelog so we can do proper logging of changes to Nikita. Since there are two admins already, this is going to be fairly crucial. It'll be fun.

Movie Reviews:

Kill Bill

Its great. Its gory. See it and love it right now. Damn that movie was a slaughterhouse with super-fly style. Just so damn cool. I think I may try to see it again in the theatre fairly soon.

All other movies are warshed aside compared to Kill Bill but stayed tuned because though all of you are going to see Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation on November 8th with me, I know you'll still want to see my own special take on it.

Saturday 18 October 2003


With much alternating joy and excrutiating pain yesterday, Dante and I setup and hardend Nikita in preparation for the great outdoors. She's been battened down to offering five services to the outside (counted based on port scanning her) and only a few more available locally only.

She currently does: ssh (22), smtp (25, no relaying), dns (53, see below), web server (80, apache + php4 but nothing up yet), and spop3 (995, ssl connection w/ std pass auth).

That's all that gets through the firewall. Internally, she really only adds syslog and system stuff like that. Everything else has been removed, NFS and RPC too.

All this in prepartion for hosting the new domain: Dante bought it once we were done and ready. It is up and active now. Nikita is the primary dns server for the domain with doing the backup. Basically, we ownz dis domain, yo. We've got A records for all my machines and all his already, MX records for Nikita as primary, pointing to roxy, and all the good things that domains are.

Mmmm the sweet taste of power. Now if only we had authority for the reverse lookups on our IPs...

Monday 13 October 2003

Sick as a Dog

The last few days I've been sick with a cold. Sunday was the worst of it. I didn't even go out for thanksgiving dinner. I feel better today but when I woke up this morning, I just didn't have the energy to goo to work. My head was foggy with sickness goo and movement was tricky. I called in sick, yay. When I go in tomorrow, its going to be fucking hell. Ah well.

Friday we had some peeps over for Colin's going away party. Good fun and such so Bob, Czak, and I stayed in the computer room and Czak installed Debian on Nikita. So now Nikita is a Debian machine and could run the DNS and mail for our would be domain...

Except bad news on the Domain front. Sounds like policy at work has been changed. Apparenly all the Staff's free co-location (colo) have been kicked out of the pool to tighten up bandwidth usage. The flip side of this is that I haven't spokent to NOC since that happened and the only confirmed booted colo was one that did 40GB traffic a month. I don't know if they will be kicking out all staff machines since some, like mine, wouldn't even pump 1GB. We'll see. At least it sounds like Excessory is down with the domain idea.

Now, back to my mint tea and rest.

Wednesday 8 October 2003

Where Are You? I'm at

For my Network Administration course this week, I had to "learn" DNS and also set it up. Historically I have been afraid of DNS... And with good reason. I really needed to be much more careful in my zone files.

Anyhow, the bulk of the message is that I now have dns working at home! Both forward and reverse lookups work for my wee home network. Its four machines (dulcea, pyrrhus, chevette, nikita) in the domain "icepalace.lan". Changed the domain option in my dhcpd.conf and now everyone on the lan can hit eachother without host files or stupid netbios.

Next step: a real network! Dante and I were kicking around the idea of splitting a domain that we could fuck around with. It'd be fun.

Sunday 5 October 2003

Movie Reviews

Having seen a few movies in theatre the last little while, here's my opinion.


Underworld was a really great movie with some really big problems. That's really the only way of putting it. If you don't expect a perfect movie and do like any of Gothic/Punk, guns, or leather, then you'll really enjoy a large portion of the movie. There's a couple big problems which I won't spoil here save one:

It's supposed to be a love story. It is *very* poorly portrayed so I'll point this out to you: The protagonist Selene (Kate Beckinsale, beauty) is a vampire who is enamoured with the human Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) despite the fact that the only hint of emotion is in the exchange of stoney gazes. However Kraven (Shane Brolly) is infatuated with Selene and all those two ever show is Selene ignoring Kraven and him cursing her for her disobedience.

Good job with the "feelings" on that one, team.

All in all the setting was perfect and the story was good (some think less of the story and some think more of it... I liked it). Hence I rate it at "See it in the theater but never again, maybe"

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Basically this movie was more fun for the cast and crew then the audience. It was silly, campy, and disjointed. There was lots of shooting and the good guys were good, the bad guys were bad, and the sleezy guys were sleezy.

The movie jumps around between present time and flash backs with little or no cohesion. The few serious scenes were well played and the shooting scenes had a lot of shooting. Other then that it was sort of a gory comedy. Mexican Slasher meets Friends... or something.

So in my humble opinion, skip it till you can rent it and share the cost. Even then its a very strange conclusion to the El Mariachi trilogy. As different from Desperado as Desperado was from El Mariachi.

Matchstick Men

An interesting con movie. The twist is a real good one. I didn't see it (but I ain't the swiftest of people) but it was smoothly handled. The leading story of the movie is that the neurotic con artist Roy (Nicholas Cage) meets with his fourteen year old daughter by his estranged wife. Roy and his partner go after a big con (80 Gs USD) and Roy's daughter gets involved.

I will say no more since the movie tells the story very well on its own. I recommend catching this movie in theaters just so you don't have to wait, and then its a good one to rent with people. Even in mixed company, its quite polite as movies go.

Formula 51

Samuel L Jackson plays a contraband chemist who tries to get out by blowing up Meatloaf's drug syndicat. Meatloaf survives, we adjourne to Liverpool, England, and hilarity ensues.

A good fun action flick with a good car chase. Worth renting a few times as its a fair/good crowd pleaser. (Its out of theaters and if it weren't I'd give it "see it cheap" as well.)

That's just, like, my opinion and stuff, man...

Thursday 2 October 2003

A Post

Well I'm making a post cause, well, I feel like it and haven't recently. Not much interesting in the last week or so. The new hardware (switch and driving wheel) is still saweet and super awesome.

Well, I went to Staples today. It was good. Makes me think about consumermas. Gives me some good ideas. You're all saving up to buy me some nice stuf, right? Anyhow, my Staples visit came be summed up by two statements:

"I wish I had bought a pen"
"School? Shit I hope that'd be the only use for this crap!"

See ya latah.

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