Sunday 30 March 2008

Deleting Data and Wireless Bridge

This is my lesson to you: When cleaning up one's database, don't delete your data. As you may be able to infer, the last backup I have on-hand for this database is from July 2007... Stinks! I know there's a better backup around *somewhere*, probably the "off-site" backup, so hopefully I'll get more of my db back.

So, don't delete your data, and test your backups, or at least verify you've got a recent one handy before deleting the data.

In other news, I finally snagged a new wireless router for home. I already had one, so this one, I've used to create a wireless bridge the eliminating the need to have a ratty old 10m network cable running from my dinning room to my living room. And it was easy!
Just flashed on DD-WRT,
  • changed the router's IP address (to not conflict with the existing router),

  • "scanned" the available wireless networks and "joined" the existing network,

  • Set the WEP password for the wireless "security",

  • And changed to "client bridged" mode.

  • Presto Magico! A total pain in the ass that the firmware provided by Linksys with their routers is so shitty, but it really is pretty easy to replace it with DD-WRT (just do a "firmware upgrade"). You do, however, have to get a WRT54GL router for it to be that easy. Their other routers have very little memory and it is *slightly* harder to upgrade those to DD-WRT and even then you're stuck on the "Micro" version which has less functionality. The WRT54GL model router (instead of the plain G) is normally about 10$ more (60$ instead of 50$), but I got it on sale from NCIX for 55$, so there you go.


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