Monday 7 April 2003

Busy Days, Y'All

So been kept fairly busy and looks to be busy for some nights yet. Yay!

Tomorrow I will be catching the Cowboy Beebop flek at the Tinsletown. Should be fun stuff. Anime cowboys in space. *Shrug*

Wednesday, out for drinks on someone else's tab.

Thorsday, coding w/ dante and Nibble Night (more drinks).

Friday is the usual (more drinks).

Saturday is Vampire day, oh, shite, I need to call the GM and see if we can hold it ealier or somethin cause Xiao will be in town.

Sunday is LAN party, yo. Still have done nothing to organize it.

And all the while, I have to write the changes for Hethor and play lots of Diablo II. Sounds like a wicked good week to me.

Now since nobody in their right mind gives to breezes about my personal life, here's the Nikita News:

Samba is FND. I was tinkering with DHCP on Sunday only to kill the Samba shares by switching to a tendot network for the lan. After realizing how much relied on ips for the lan being one-nine-twos, I switched back... Samba has not returned.

Well shoot says I. Time to restructure and rebuild my Samba setup. I definately need to fix all the persmissions and such on the local system. As for the network, Nikita does not even appear in Network Neighbourhood.

I am still hoping to get dns runnign for the lan however I'm scared. Half the resources I was reading on Sunday made it look really tricky.

Well, I'll see all y'all next time and have even fewer servers working on Nikita.

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