Tuesday 6 May 2003

More Gear

Mmmm New hardware. Tastes just like chicken.

So I made another trip out to NCIX to get the last couple of things I need to trick-out Dulcea for becomming the disciple server. A new large HD and a PCI NIC (in addition to the one she already has).

Got us a nice Western Digital Caviar JB series drive. This one is 7200 rpm, ATA 100 (didn't see any 133s around), 9ms avg seek, and a 8 mb cache. Its wery nace.

Heh. I didn't realize that Dulcea was actually using her secondary drive for Linux. Its a crap drive and I thought Linux was just on a partition (or three) on the main disk. Come boot time, not GRUB for you. In short, I got to "upgrade" from Redhat 8.0 to Redhat 9. As with Chevette, the upgrade wasn't very exciting. At least RH 9 comes w/ the 2.4.20 kernel.

Anyhow, the NIC I picked up was twenty bones which I guess I kinda think is fine. Not as many free PCI NICs as there are ISA NICs. Its a fair and popular chip at least. SMC 1244TX. In fact, the other NIC in Dulcea is a predacessor to that one. Its a SMC 1211TX. Both NICs are 100Mbps and support full-duplex and, uh, me ethernet 'em up good. Don't know why anyone would buy the 60-80CDN 100Mbps NICs, but apparently NCIX sells plenty of 'em.

Whoops, gtg. Gonna be late for work.

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