Tuesday 7 September 2004

I'm Blind!

I got to see my optometrist today. That's a first in five years apparently. Oh well. My eyes suck but not really worse then in 1999 so to my eyes the new millenium looks about the same as the last. Yep.

In UnRoots Online news we're still working on the design. The juicy bits from the last discussion I had with czak have been posted up in the forums and I think we're going to move ahead to the low-level design and start building some of the classes as soon as possible.

I read through the PHP5 docs for the OOP stuff a couple days ago and I must admit that Ziv and Andi aren't total jerks. If PHP weren't so forking flaky, I'd be about inclined to say that PHP is OMG WTF TEH BESTAST THING EVAR XD. But PHP is flaky and so it's pretty much just some more shit to fill the realm of computing. But it's at least shit that's free and pretty neat.

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