Sunday 17 October 2004

Out with the Old, In with More of the Same

Well though this little Linksys router is still falling over every couple days at least, I'm not too keen to replace it. I bought it from Future Shop and they'll give me a replacement over the counter. The catch is that when I bought the router, it came bundled with a wireless pcmcia card. So I have to trade both in together but there's no bundle for the newer model wireless gear yet. Ergo, I'll get fucked around a little. I'm not confident either that the newer router is the solution anyhow. I'll have to figure out which way I want to go. I'm sure it will all just be flaky and lame anyhow.

And in more adrenline-pumping news, I'm going to try to upgrade dulcea. The basic battle plan is backup the entire root fs too the data drive and then go to debian for the base system. Fine except there's so much tweaked shit it's going to be nuts. I currenlty only have a couple packages that are compiled from source (apache and php5), but if I do SVN it may have to be from source as well. That and the doped-up Samba, NIS, NFS, DNS, mail, and all the user accounts... It'll be fine, right? Right? Oh dear God!

And finaly, it's movie review time. Mostly good stuff too.

THX 1138 (Director's Cut)

This is the first time that I saw THX 1138, believe it or not. What a fabulous Sci Fi movie. I'll rate this as master-time-and-space-so-you-can-watch-it-more... Or something of the likes ;) Okay, maybe it's not worth forming a cult over but it's a classic sci fi telling of a future people conquered by impersonal entities (corporations or robots, whatever). THX 1138 is a man who is suffering stress for reasons he can't articulate and is eventually arrested for deviance. And then he gets attacked by monkeys. I shit you not. In this re-release, George Lucas attacks Robert Duvall (THX 1138) with a pack of CG monkeys. Really. It makes no sense. None. But otherwise, the remastering and the CG touch-ups are all good. (Monkeys?)


Val Kilmer as a Secret Service agent that goes off to save the daughter of some important political figure. Good characters, good story, good work with little surprises. Definately worth tracking down if you like action/spy type movies in the least.

Uh, Some Other Movie

I'm sure I saw another movie and it was good too. Yeah, I'm going to submit this blog/.plan/news crap and step away now...

"Do the 421. Okay, move on to the 631..." - robot cops in THX

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