Thursday 28 April 2005

Friday's Back!

Woo! It's sort of been a while but I finally had to suck it up and realize I don't have the resources/ability to diagnose my own computer hardware. So I bundled up all of Friday's guts and took her over to Frontier. I made them promise to be nice and they were awesome.

Turns out it was only the PS/2 controller that was hooped. Basically, everything I did with a keyboard was fucked. Otherwise, she's fine! Well, this is a little bit odd because I don't have a USB keyboard. I need a usb keyboard to play around before the OS loads (e.g. if I want to load windows instead of linux, for example). Not a big deal really.

They did, however, tie up all of Friday's cords and also installed a rehostat (sp?) for the power supply fan. Hella sweet.

So now I'm just putting her through a "nice emerge sync ; nice emerge -u world" to see how she behaves. So far, so good :D

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