Wednesday 12 April 2006

Chevette is Loaded and She's Online Live!

Hot hot hot! Chevette is online. Took an afternoon of downloading packages and updates and about an hour of PAM/LDAP configuration and she's live and running the Icecast stream. The stream was running off Friday before but given that's the only usable computer in the house, that was rapidly getting dysfunctional.

On the fun side, the single ices feed including transcoding takes ~30-33% of her CPU. w007! She's already loaded!

In other news, I changed the google search shortcut in Konqueror (which can be done in Firefox too) from the boring "gg" to "grep". That's right, I can now grep the 'net. Who's your daddy? Or should I say:

grep: your daddy

Google returned 1 hit: archangel

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