Friday 6 October 2006

Mail Stats

To date, I have been using the reports from logwatch as a rough gauge as to how much spam is being blocked but it wasn't very accurate since each email message was being processed by Postfix many times as it handed the message to various other daemons for processing. A quick check of the logs reveals that since basically all filtering of email is done by Amavisd, that's the process who's messages are of value. The one trick still is that I have to look for SMTP rejections since those are useful stats but are for messages only handled by Postfix and not passed to Amavisd.

I whipped up a little web page here to do basic number stats. I'd like to have charts up but i don't know how to pump this into MTRG so I'll have to do that. At any rate, this little page will give us an idea of how much spam is getting tossed out and how much legit mail is getting through.


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