Friday 15 December 2006

Blogging with WordPress on Debian

It turns out that there's a nice WordPress package in Debian (testing). It is both up to date, and the package maintainer (Kai Hendry) provides some handy helper scripts.

WordPress provides a handy sample Apache config that was easy to add to the installation on Siona. That took care of that. Then, there's a helper script called "setup-mysql". The way the installation works is that once you get the base install going, you can then just setup a server alias for each blog you want to create and then re-run setup-mysql passing it the FQDN of the server alias. Voila! Multiple blogs right out of the box! No fuss, no muss.

Very nice and I have to admit, I'm very impressed with WordPress as well. It very nicely handles creating a personal site. You basically have blog posts and simple pages. The blog posts are categorized, archived, can allow user comments, etc and those (usually) go on your main page. You can also write pages and those would just link off the main page. Oh, and you can add random links to other blogs and sites. WordPress has tons of themes and plugins available so you can tweak your look and feel the way you want.

Anyhow, enough raving! WordPress is very nice and the installation on Debian works great for creating multiple blogs for any number of friends/family/pets/whatever.

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