Thursday 3 May 2007

Local backups

The motto of a good sys admin is backup often, and backup automatically, and make sure you can recover from a disaster. In general, my practices have been sorely lacking. No copies, no RAID, no external backup other then a couple random backups and dumping the databases (from MySQL) and the directory (from OpenLDAP).

I finally just went with one of the many rsync backup script/utilties: rsnapshot. There is a article about it on It's simple, supports remote backups using rsync over SSH, and gives you nice rotated backups. Easy, effective, automated. What more do you want?

So now the one thing I have still to do is do an external backup. The current backup is ~17GB. As much as I'd like to burn about two dozen CDs (or even 5 DVDs) with a spanned tarball, that sounds like a pain in the ass. I guess that means an external drive which I take off-site. Ah well, a problem to solve another day.

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