Tuesday 7 April 2009

Renaming Wordpress Blogs

Under Debian (Ubuntu), there's a helper script which does a lot of the work for adding a new blog. You need to create a hostname, add it as an alias in your apache config, and a database. Then use this helper script to setup the database and config:


Now if you want rename your blog say from "inaction.example.com" to "takeaction.example.com", it's pretty simple.

  1. Create the new hostname in DNS,

  2. Add it as an alias to your apache config,
  3. <
  4. Create a soft-link to the current config using the new name,

  5. Edit the settings for your blog and give the new URL.

Edit: You can easily change the settings (from the last step) in the the db. If something goes terribly wrong, just poke around in there and update anything with the wrong URL.

- Arch

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