Wednesday 23 June 2010

Keeping Copies of Group Emails

One of the things that's a bit ghetto of groups in Google Apps is that groups are really just a glorified alias file. Users cannot manage their subscription, get emails delivered in batches, and there's no message archive unlike Google Groups or a Mailman managed list. And this is the same problem with Microsoft Exchange (at least up to 2007, probably 2010 too).

Okay, so ranting aside, here's a couple quick hacks to squeeze a couple features out of groups in GA.

Archiving. Create a mailbox, add it to the group. Shazzam! This is better in Exchange were you can share that mailbox easily with many users and limit them to read-only access so people aren't deleting your archive.

Mailing list features. Well, you're only answer for now is going to be to forward messages to a mailing list. So point to and members should subscribe directly to the Google Group instead.

Aliases. Now this is one feature I would have preferred in the face of the above limitations of GA groups. That is, if I've got a group called "", I also want to have "" and other variations. So here, create a mailbox called "" and rename (or create) a group called "". You can add as many aliases as you want to the mailbox, and then configure that mailbox to just forward to the group.

- Arch

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