Thursday 16 August 2018

Let's Encrypt on Blogger

I can't say I fiddle too much with the settings in Blogger, it's kinda "set it and forget it" stuff BUT sometime I think recently the team made it so you can enable SSL certs for custom domains on Blogger and it signs up a cert for you and everything.

In short it's so stupid simple just go do it and do it now

  1. Go to basic settings 
  2. Change HTTPS to Yes
  3. Are we done yet? Why yes, yes we are.

Optionally once the cert has generated (it's not instant) you can also turn on redirect to SSL which again, why not? It's just the next tick box

This is how security should work; it works and its easy. I guess it could be on by default and pushed out but really, just click "security activate!"


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