Tuesday 7 July 2020

Windows Terminal Is The Best

Only been using Windows Terminal for 10 minutes and already it's clearly the best! I heard it from Kayla Cinnamon on RunAsRadio Podcast and right away installed it from the MS Store.

Tabs? Yes
Launches PowerShell? Yes
Does "cmd.exe" sux? Yes

RunAs Radio Windows Linux Subsystem with Tara Raj and Sarah Cooley also put me onto WSL which I now always advocate rather than running a VM (unless you really need one) or Cygwin (nobody needs Cygwin). The slick thing with Terminal was that it dynamically added a profile for WSL after I installed it!

Between these couple utilities, WSL and Terminal, many of us can shed all our Linux stuff; virtual machines, Cygwin, Putty, Term, WinSCP, etc. And be better for it.

Ciao 😎

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