Friday 23 April 2021

Now Certified

Passed my Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification this week and this is my first Microsoft exam. My primary resource was Microsoft Learn where there is a lot of material broken up into 30-60 minute lessons including some labs. Also used the practice tests and did those many times before writing the cert exam itself. 


  1. Now do that again every 2 years for the remainder of your career ;-)

  2. Hah! There is that - this is a step to get back on the vendor cert treadmill. In recent years my "lifelong learning" has been lots of hands on and management workshops. It has been a while since doing that focus on a cert exam and doing that thing you have to know not what a word like "region" means, but what does Microsoft say that word means. And each of those major vendors (Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, etc) all have their own universe.


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