Wednesday 16 August 2023

Google Domains Exits Beta... And Promptly Gets Divested!

Google Domains is on its way to the Google Graveyard, not long out of it's long "Beta" period. DNS is a pretty generic service, I didn't think Google's was the cheapest even but it had some easy tie-ins for other products (sites, blogger, etc). But looking at SquareSpace Domains pricing, it looks like it's going to be a price increase for less functionality so I will end up transferring it. We've changed DNS providers a couple of times so once this goes ahead, I will set that up... Probably with Hover because they're an old hand on the Internet (née Tucows), they're Canadian, they sponsor my favourite podcast Grumpy Old Geeks, and pricing is better than SquareSpace Domains. 

More on that transfer once that comes. 



  1. Also realized the one feature that isn't readily replaceable elsewhere is the email forwarding which Google domains allowed up to 100 addresses. Not applicable on which is in Google Workspace (nee Google Apps). For general use though that was a nice feature...

  2. We got switched over to SquareSpace and at least initially price stays the same. Records, admin, billing, all got brought over so it really was seamless.


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