Saturday 1 November 2003

Happy All Saints Day

Woo! So for news since my last post, holy crap I've let it lapse. Well, I've been well, I've been sick, I've been well, I've been sick. Its sucked. Just caught a cold from the office, really super lame. I hate being sick. I only missed a half day of work this time though. Miserable the rest.

Speaking of work, they promoted my bitch-ass to Tier 2 tech support. Great. Now I get to jockey for non-ts positions and its probably going to take a long time and I'm stuck, in the meantime, dealing with shit that nobody in Tier 1 wants to deal with. I even had to work on a ticket I deferred before getting promoted. Stupid shit.

Okay, enough boring crap. I didn't mean to rant on rl events so back to the more interesting stuff: Computers.

I'm still wanting to get at least one computer (Nikita) out onto the OC3 at my office. I have to get permission from the Network Operations Centre (NOC) to do that since its a locked room (oo, restricted physical access). NOC hasn't been in the last week...

Those swines! I demand better service! I'm trying to run a business here. Neep neep nop neep losing money neep nop dialup was neep nop nop ...

Ah anyhow. Being sick has really sucked. Dante did get the Apach SSL working again so the main nibble site is now properly ssl and restricted but as for putting up the changelog, I haven't gotten too far with it. Sleeping 10-14 hours a day really cramps my style, dawg. You know what ahm sayin?

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