Friday 24 October 2003

I Made a LAN

This is it. I now have a LAN. The last thing I just finished setting up this week was NIS. My trusted network is now fully featured with centralized logins, filesharing via both NFS and Samba, email in and out, NATing, and all glued together with a 100Mbps FD switch.

It is The Nice.

In more news, Nikita has got everything she needs software-wise. Just needs stuff setup. But anyhow, she has weeb, mail, dns, and mysql all installed now. After installing all that, we even did an image of the system. Backups are cool. Especially if you use udpcast. Admitedly not the best way to image in this case for a variety of reason, but multi-casting over the lan is just ... just so much cooler.

Anyhow, that's the news. Dante and I are working on building a lightweight online changelog so we can do proper logging of changes to Nikita. Since there are two admins already, this is going to be fairly crucial. It'll be fun.

Movie Reviews:

Kill Bill

Its great. Its gory. See it and love it right now. Damn that movie was a slaughterhouse with super-fly style. Just so damn cool. I think I may try to see it again in the theatre fairly soon.

All other movies are warshed aside compared to Kill Bill but stayed tuned because though all of you are going to see Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation on November 8th with me, I know you'll still want to see my own special take on it.

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