Friday 5 December 2003

New Gear, Yo

Its been a while since my last .plan update but things have been fairly quiet. I've finished my class for the semester, been horribly sick, and most importantly I got some new computer hardware.

I finally went ahead and bought the missing bits to build Michael. I got an Antec case, an ASUS A7V600 mobo, lots of RAM, an Athlon XP 2500+, and ended up getting a GeForce 4 5200.

I was a bit worried about hooking everything up myself but it went just fine. Took me some hours to get everything plugged in to the right places and such but it came right on just fine the first time I booted it.

Michale is super fast and super sexy. The one thing that's missing is the floppy drive. I thought I had plenty of extras at home but it turns out the only one I still have here is un-recovereable. Of all the things to not have lying around, who'da thunk I would have problems with the floppy drive? Not me apparently.

So that's that and I'll try to remember to post again sooner this time.

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