Tuesday 16 December 2003

We're Under Attack!

Ah. Windows set a new record today:
Users not found in UNIX Database:
administrator : 126 Time(s)

That's right. My windows client (Michael) attacked the samba server a grand total of 126 times. Sure I used some of the network resources, but I guaranteed I didn't get prompted 126 times for a username and password.

"Thanks for breaking my cow lamp, guys."

In other news, I am full of hate. Michael's onboard nic didn't work from the Fedora install. Not too too surprising. So I put a NIC in. That failed. Some strange bus errors or tx errors. Strange. Both these devices work fine in windows.

So I tried to compile NIC drivers for the onboard NIC. That didn't go so well. I managed to compile network drivers until ifconfig seggied. I assume it was just the failed module I had compiled, but I was impressed.

Fuck, I'm tired. At the end of my first grave shift. I want to curl up and go sleepy-sleep now. Waa! Waa! Doesn't help that there was this total psycho calling in. Definately a head-case.

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