Friday 30 January 2004

Alright, Lord. That's it. I'm calling you out.

Do you hear me, you dirty cheater! You may have the "drive drunk into power pole" hack, but you're still a giant loser. Common. Play a legit server. I'll take you down for real. I don't need to "magically" cause power failures at your house at 5 in the morning to take you down. I'll kick your ass. I'll kick your ass even if you get a 4 frag lead, you cock-bite.

So yeah. Power went out this morning around 5am PST. This is bullshit. I'm getting a UPS so I don't have to worry about Dulcea's file system getting trashed every few months. It would be nice to have a battery-backup, but I'm guessing I don't have the bones for that.

On a related note. Dulcea came up fine this time except for IRC. I'll try getting that working but its Dante's server so we'll have to see about that. Maybe I'll have a little luck. Actually, I got it. Only thing that was fudged up was that I didn't start stunnel properly. Its all good now, baby.

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