Monday 12 January 2004

Holy Uptime!

up 6 days, 14:39
up 61 days, 15:56

Now Nikita has an uptime. And she's basically doing no traffic too. 750 MB out since last time the firewall was zeroed which may well be the 61 days ago. Actually, it would be whenever we shutdown port 80 which is going to still be around 45 days ago. Nice and light.

The weak part is that she shouldn't be put under much more load then the handful of apache, mysql, and bind processes. Anything external is being encrypted and getting Nikita to load a webmail page is fairly unresponsive and spikes almost the entire CPU for about ten seconds... Ouch.

Ah well. One of these days I may end up cleaning up Dulcea and then switching the two. Depending how how much traffic I'll use and how much is I'm allowed, of course. But having most of the work done by Dulcea on the OC3 leaving only routing, cacheing dns, and samba for the lan which Nikita would be fine for. IO heavy processes good!

And in related news, Roxy, my uptime nemesis (or something) is now down. Dante is moving back to the island so Dulcea has a unique opportunity to gain a lead on her. Bwahaha!

Ergo the IRC server has been moved again. Its going under the more permanent name "" though is going to move around a bunch yet. Should make connecting to whatever the active server is a bit more transparent though. Once everyone gets to using that name, I rekon they won't have to sweat it no matter what since I'm probably going to cast my vote for renewing the domain and I think we can easily get the nibble to unanimously for for renew (which comes up a ways away anyhow, but I'm just saying).

Screw you guys! I'm turning the ramble right around. So help me, God...

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