Wednesday 2 June 2004

And Moved

A little bumpy, but certainly not the worst moving day(s) evar. Anyhow, now I have to hack my network back together. Dropping the Linksys router back in place didn't just work. Hella-weak. Czak did the old mfr reset on that puppy and could get online at least.

Now I just have to restore the network setup. So far it hasn't been bad. Getting the router online was definately the important first step. I hacked away at that config last night and got a bunch of it up.

  • Got the router renumbered,
  • Verified that chevette could still get online,
  • Booted dulcea, she couldn't get online,
  • Disabled dhcp on the router (dulcea was numbered statically),
  • Now dulcea gets online,
  • Verified chevette could dhcp from dulcea and get online still,
  • Re-opened the essential services (smtp, dns),
  • Updated zone info on Nikita and transfered it to dulcea,
  • Haven't verified SMTP works, but I know DNS at my work hasn't updated yet so it won't work from here,
  • Opened more services (ssh, pop, spop, etc) and checked a few of them.

    So far so good. Dulcea is a bit noisy for me to sleep with, but I think that's just the PSU. I'm going to try to replace the PSU tonight with one of the other ones I have handy and if that works, great, and if not, I'll leave dulcea off again overnight and buy a "silent" PSU tomorrow.

    Now for the fun part. I'm supposed to be on this "eXtreme" service from Shaw which is 5Mbps down and lord knows what up. I tested off and scored over 2Mbps down by just under 1Mbps up. Not bad. I wouldn't complain about that 'cept I have other grievances.

    I only get one real ip address. This is no good for my war-games course. This is flat-out bad. Wendawg thinks we're supposed to get two. I know on our old modem that I pulled as many as I could connect to the modem at a time (5). Either way, I have to reset the modem when swapping devices. I really only get one IP address. This I will have to sort out with Shaw even if they make me pay for a second IP for two months until the war-games course is over.

    And I'm a little tired and cranky so screw it all straight to hell.
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