Monday 31 May 2004

We're All Packed Up

Tomorrow is the big moving day. Pretty much everything here is all packed up. The computer room is a great pile of boxes, the kitchen is a mess of packing tape and paper, and there's nothing anywhere else.

Hopefully *our* stuff goes smoothly tomorrow. The problem today is going to be that one of the new tenants is going to be moving her stuff in. This is going to be super fun. She says she doesn't have much and I hope she's right cause we have SFA for space especially once we start trying to move stuff *out* of the house.

Yeah, pretty much the problem showed up without warning yesterday. Basically our land-lord just said "yeah yeah, it's fine" to the new tenant disregarding what the Wendawg and I had told him. That and on the other side, the building manager at our new place keeps saying that "I haven't been able to get in touch with all the current tenants". And hence we don't get to actually move our stuff at all till the first unless they have magically vacated today.

Moving is fun.

There are a couple benefits to moving though. We get to a) discover that there's actually a lot of flat-out garbage in this place (and thus throw it out) and b) we get to live like minimalists for a day or two. We're living with nothing but some spare clothes, booze, and a bunch of computers. Totaly minimalists we are.

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