Wednesday 29 December 2004

She's dead, Jim

I lose, you win. F*&$%ing mobo! That thing is dead. Time to move on. I'm going to boost my system a bit and shave my pocket a little to go to an AMD 64b CPU. I was looking at maybe doing an Intel P4 w/ Hyper Threading but that would be a couple hundred bucks more. If I'm going to put up a real budget for real hardware, I should skip up to dualies. If I pony-up for dualies, I should really go ahead and step up my secondary storage (to a nice little SATA RAID). Once my hard drives are up, I should really just make the extra investment and getting higher quality RAM. Not to mention finally adding proper speakers and a second LCD...

So a few hundred bones to go up to a 64b AMD and a new mobo. This one I'm looking at has dual-channel RAM and that will be good. New CPU, mainboard, and CPU fan. That's it. But it will be nice, oh yes, it will be very nice.

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