Sunday 5 December 2004

School Work Work School

Eh haven't been up to anything interesting in the last while. Stupid school and stupid work. Sucks. Next week is my birthday, I finaly turn 13. I can't wait to be a teenager. Like, OMG!

So a couple movies I watched:

Ripley's Game

Tom Ripley played by John Malkovich is a cold killer. After been insulted by another character, he sets up that character to become a murderer. One guy is sad about killing, the other is not. The two characters were fairly good but too static to carry the whole movie. I'd rate this one as rent it if you have some specific reason for watching it, but not really worth the bother.

Dawn of the Dead

Zombies, explosions, boobs. What more can you ask for? Definately rent it if you are into splosions 'n' stuff.

Can I go back to bed now?

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