Monday 14 February 2005

No Noose is Good Noose

Whee! Flibble drool *splech* Rar!

Heh I've been looking at the sys admin docs on the Gentoo site and there's a ton of absolutely awesome HOWTO type docs published there. There's stuff on setting up Kerberos, LDAP, on hardening, and all sorts of good stuff.

I gots to get some of that shiznat going. I just haven't had time to push ahead on side-side-side projects (e.g. anything on top of work, school, and CCNA). Well, maybe not the time, but my brain is definately too mushy for anything more. I've been spending my free time drooling in front of the Playstation... *splonk* Or drinking most of a bottle of scotch when I thought I had "only" drank half of it :P

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