Monday 19 December 2005

Spam + Cacti + Wildfire = Software Sammich

It turns out that I was more then a little confused on how SMTP AUTH/SASL worked. Now I have no idea how to get that going... Ugh!

On the other hand, I did get something actually working for Spam/virus filtering. Turns out AMaVIS is a handy scanner that includes spam filtering and will run external spam filtering and virus filtering. I was able to hook AMaVIS in to the mail system to scan spam and ClamAV into AMaVIS to combine the scanning on that front too. So far, it is already tossing out spam, yay! It is supposed to be assigning a score to all mail but I'm not too sure where that is at... Anyhow, it is throwing spam out so I probably just need to do some tuning.

In other messaging news, of the instant type, Jive Messenger released version 2.4.0 including a new name: Wildfire. I've upgraded the Jabber server from Messenger 2.3.1 to Wildfire 2.4.0. Always good to see great projects remaining active. Gaim 1.5 still doesn't work with it (TLS issue of some sort still) but Gaim just announced their 2.0 beta. I haven't tried that yet but I doubt I'll get to it until the stable release what with the holidays and such.

The last interesting tidbit is that I installed Cacti from package on Siona. I just added Siona and Friday in there and so far so good. Check it out and login as username "guest" password "password". I like this tool...

For upcoming plans, I'm still sorting out some of the domain and hosting issues leftover from Nikita's passing. Not too tricky, but we just have to get some stuff cleaned up. Mmm also syndicating news. Possibly giving up on my hand-written news doodad and switching to something with features, like WordPress. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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