Tuesday 6 December 2005

Goodbye, Nikita

Nikita has officially passed on. May she find peace in Computer Heaven where all good computers go if they have led a long and happy life which Nikita certainly had. She first started out as workstation ion 1997 with few aspirations other then to run a word processor, a browser, and a couple of games.

In her life, Nikita was able to overcome this humble life of low-speed network links and buggy office applications to become a webserver on a high speed connection, eventually as high as dual-OC3's with failovers. In her last days, she served as a primary DNS server and mail host for a lucky group of friends.

It was on a quiet Sunday in December when the power went out. Her health had been failing but this was the last power failure for her. She passed quietly idling and is in a better place now.

Rest In Peace
~1997 - December 6, 2005

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