Wednesday 11 January 2006

Gateways and KDE

I finally got around to installing protocol gateways on the Jabber server. It was far easier then I expected. I downloaded and ran PyMSN-t and PyICQ-t and that was that. A couple config file options needed to be set for the gateways, a couple on the Jabber server, and away we go. I was able to "discover" the gateways with Psi very easily and that was it. Pretty handy stuff.

The other adventure was migrating to KDE. After much poking and frustration with various services to get a functional integration of my address book and get a working calendar going, I ended up going with KDE. I'm not too sure how well this will go since I do have to give up on the cross-platform aspect, but we'll go with it for now. I might have to adopt some different storage method but KMail is very versatile in that regard so it may work well on the client side if nothing else.

I have been reluctant to adopt WebDAV as a storage method for the calendar and I don't want to go so far as installing a fully web-based groupware environment. Web-based stuff just seems to fall short on usability and security. Then again, maybe I just need to tighten up the web-access. Now I'm ranting... Must be time to finish my coffee.

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