Tuesday 31 January 2006

Some news old and new

Google Talk recently joined the open XMPP (Jabber) federation so their users can now message users on any of the other open networks including the one I'm running (dl.nibble.bz). Bitchin! I dropped my Google Talk login and added all my contacts to my own login. So far, there's been no problems. Anyone with compatible clients will be able to any of the (pseudo) peer-to-peer stuff like voice and video. That includes multi-platform clients like... Well it's coming. Gaim has been working hard to introduce voice and video (vv) based on Google's technology and Gaim expects to be able to interoperate across platforms and domains very soon. We're all very excited at the possibility :D

In other "old" news, my luck has been holding with KDE and KDE PIM (Personal Information Management). I have been saving my calendar and contacts as files on a USB key and it works great! I just plug in the key, point KMail at the calendar and contact files on there and *bam* it works!

The other thing with mail is managing filters. Well it turns out KMail doesn't let me filter messages to IMAP folders (at least with the versions I have installed) so I ended up looking at Procmail which runs on the server side. A bit of poking around and it actually works really well! A little bit obtuse to be doing just text-based configs with yet another file format, but it's fairly simple and does the job and naturally no filters need "synching" on the client-side.

The one last issue is that I want to maintain a unified list of syndicated feeds. I can manually export/import my feed list with aKgregator (which is a good RSS/Atom client btw) but it's hardly unified. Oh well.

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