Sunday 9 July 2006

Bad update kills authentication

Well, Debian has finally punched me in the jaw. After the last few years have been so good to me, apt-get upgrade finally broke something painful. I went to run the update today and there was a new libnss-ldap package in there which has a bug in it. So, once I updated to the "latest", no auth worked. Everything was broken. Everything.

After some dicking around, I finally checked and sure enough, I still have all my old package files so I rolled-back libnss-ldap to the previous version and the system is back up.

Now, yes, I am running "testing" and not stable, but the new libnss-ldap does not work. What the heck is tested about that? That sounds like the package maintainer didn't even try it before it got moved to testing from unstable. Argh!

Well them's the breaks. We're back up and there's a couple quirks to resolve but otherwise, we're okay. Life goes on...

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