Thursday 6 July 2006

Crazy Media Conversion!

There's is a hella tight mod for KDE called "audiokonverter" which adds a context-menu in Konqueror to, you guessed it, konvert audio! Get it, "konvert" is "convert" only with a K! Hahahhahaha! Those KDE kids, they're so kfunny!

Okay, shenanigans aside, it's nice. It will descend recursively since we all keep our music in properly structured folders, prompts for destination folder (where it recreates the same folder structure), and then the appropriate quality level (e.g. 1-10 for Oggs but bitrate for MP3). Works great! Requires the encode/decode utilities for whatever formats you want. Even handles the tags properly (at lease for OGG and MP3 which I've tested).

Audiokonverter! It's your daddy!

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