Thursday 31 August 2006

Bring on the Pr0n

A little while ago I was thinking about transcoding a bunch of my music from Ogg to Mp3 so I could burn the music to CD for my Mp3 CD player. Now I'm no stickler for audio quality, but clearly transcoding from one lossy format to another is going to make things worse then necessary. Given I still have some desire to have music available both streamed and on Mp3 CD, I decided to start re-encoding my music collection to a lossless audio format, specifically FLAC.

Ripping to FLAC was going well initially but there is one distinct downside to using a lossless format which is the disk space requirements. My music collection will be jumping from ~15GB up to 100GB. After some messing around with my volumes on Siona, I could not come up with enough free space without destroying a lot of data. Well, I destroyed a bunch of data for good measure (and because it is important to test that you can restore from backups) and then I bought a new drive.

So the new drive is a spanking new 320GB Seagate drive. I slapped that bad-boy in there and formatted it with XFS. So far so good. I've moved all the existing data from the old WD 80GB drive on there and I've been ripping CDs merrily.

To assist with the task, I even created a little shell script that gives me a list of every CD already on the system and whether the CD is FLAC or not. Even lumps the Various Artist discs together. I'm almost up to a third of the CD collection (between both the wendigo's and mine).

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