Monday 23 April 2007

Fiesty Fawns and ATI drivers

I succesfully updated Friday, my computer at home, to Fiesty Fawn! Hooray! It was only a little be of a pain. The GUI updater thing seized up during the upgrade. Sucks, but I just did "apt-get dist-upgrade" from the terminal a couple times and all was well. As an added bonus, Fiesty now boots way faster. At some point, probably since Dapper, Friday would hang waiting to connect to the directory server on siona. It would go through a half dozen exponential timeouts before it would proceed so overall, that added 5 minutes to the boot time. Anyhow, with Fiesty, Friday just boots right up!

Now on Santana, my workstation at work, apache was totally messed. I ended up having to blow away apache and all the modules before the update would proceed. I don't know what happened there. Some crazy dependancy hell.

Now in other news, I've been having problems with the proprietary ATI drivers (the fglrx drives) on my office workstation for a long time. Every time I logged out, system freezes. Argh! But I worked around that by only logging out once a week ;) Anyhow, it turns out, the Gentoo people know it's a problem and even have a solution. Well, more of a workaround. Apparently the problem stems from a memory leak or some such. Bad. So I'm going to try their work-around and if it doesn't work *shrug* I'll go to the F/OSS ATI driver. I haven't been playing much UT2004 at work recently which was the only reason I bothered with the fglrx driver in the first place.

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