Tuesday 3 April 2007

More routers = more confusion

Apparently, this whole two routers thing is a little messed up. In summary: I have an older (e.g. better) Linksys WRT54G running DDWRT as my Gateway and primary LAN router and a second Linksys WRT54G, newer and shitter, running the Linksys firmware running the WLAN. And basically, it ran as two subnets with just the DDWRT router doing any NAT.

Everything *seemed* fine. The traffic from the WLAN passed to the wired LAN then through the NAT to the Internet then back. However, we started noticing a problem were a WLAN machine was having problems accessing services on Siona when having to pass from WLAN -> LAN -> NAT -> Siona -> NAT -> LAN -> WLAN ... Not exactly the world's simplest setup, but it *should* work since LAN -> NAT -> Siona -> NAT -> LAN always works... It was just being flaky. Nine times out of ten, the connection would just disappear. Other Internet connections were fine, addressing Siona by her non-routable IP was working fine.

So after much poking and testing to identify *where* these connections were disappearing, I found they weren't disappearing at all. I guess the WLAN router just need to be reset or some such. Stupid Linksys... Ah well, what can you do, right?

When all else fails and you're using shitty firmware (or operating system), reboot!

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