Monday 14 July 2003

Sleep is a Cruel Hag

Its been a bit since I've jotted down my plan, but I've just been keeping busy. So far I've been doing some day-dreaming about hardware.

First is computer gear since I'm mostly familiar with what to look for. Here's the sortof template I put together for Michael:

Base Bits

So this would be the base I'd put all Michael's components into rather then the crap celeron boards that MDK got stuck with. If (or should I say when?) I get a new board like that, then I'd do quite a bit of gear shuffling to get Nikita, Dulcea, and Michael all doing their respective jobs... We'll see.

The other little bundle of copper I've been chasing is a stereo receiver. Now this I've been putting off because I know too little. After a little research online, I'm sortof understanding what I should be looking for and this sony seems to fit right about where I want it:

Sony Tuner

Ah sweet melodies...

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